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msdsBinders services oil and gas companies across North America that employ various oil extraction operations. One of Canada’s largest oil and gas companies uses the msdsBinders system to ensure compliance and safety in their offshore operations. This major player places great focus taking due diligence and has implemented an environmental effects monitoring program. In accordance with the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board, management has implemented a vigorous screening process to ensure that all chemicals used are approved for offshore use.

Internal MSDS Management

The Environmental Lead for Offshore Drilling stated that prior to using the msdsBinders system, internal MSDS management was a challenge. An excel spreadsheet was used to track all approved chemicals; the problem was that the excel document was stagnant and could become out of date quite easily across the company’s numerous work sites. As well, only internal employees had access to the system, and it was difficult to share chemical management information with their numerous contractors.

Updating MSDSs was the largest challenge. With over 600 MSDSs, it was difficult to make sure that each one was updated. Temporary employees were hired to make sure all MSDSs were getting updated. With such suchsuchmanagement was also a large MSDS catalogue, it was difficult to find the right MSDS when it was needed. The environmental team was taking all the right steps to ensuring proper management of chemicals and MSDSs. However, it was a time consuming process and management knew there had to be a more efficient system.

Upon hosting a visitor from the company’s Western Canada Division, the environmental team learned that msdsBinders was being used in the Western Canada to manage the updating and distribution of MSDSs. The team quickly learned that the online system was a time saver, always updated and easy to use. After a quick review of the system, management knew it was the solution they had searching for.

msdsBinders - Online MSDS Management

After transitioning to the msdsBinders system, the company’s offshore operations have seen tremendous improvement in the overall management of their offshore chemicals. Management now talks about MSDS in a different light:

“MSDSs are approved and added to the msdsBinders online system only if the chemical has passed both the rigorous screening process and a health and safety screening. We then attach our screening forms as a document to the MSDS so the decision to use the chemical can be reviewed by anyone at any time. When purchasing chemicals, any employee can access the online system to see if the chemical is approved for use. If the MSDS isn’t in our system, then we don’t use the chemical.

With the msdsBinders system, we can easily share the most current MSDS with the people who need access: contractors, on site medics, lab techs, and operators. It’s a one stop shop for all our needs. It saves us time and has reduced our work load. It’s always up to date and reliable which is important because we will only operate under ethical and safe conditions.”

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