msdsBinders System instrumental in implementing RBS safety policies


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Before msdsBinders: Paper Based Challenges

Prior to becoming a msdsBinders client, RBS managed their MSDSs internally. Brock Lonson, Manager Health, Safety and Environment, described the system as both exhaustive and challenging: “Employees spent too much time shuffling paper. It was difficult to determine if employees had updated MSDSs in their trucks. It was also a challenge to ensure employees could access Emergency Response Guide (ERG) pages if there was ever an incident.”

MSDS management was a growing concern, and RBS needed to find a more effective and efficient way to manage MSDSs and ERGs across their numerous locations and while transporting chemicals.

RBS Transfers to msdsBinders

In 2009, RBS found the answer to their MSDS management issues. Brock had used the msdsBinders system before at another transportation company and knew it would work for RBS to manage all of their MSDSs online. RBS’ MSDSs could then be accessed from any device with internet connection and browsing capabilities.

Brock saw the value in the system: “the appropriate ERGs are attached to the MSDSs, and MSDSs are automatically updated in all locations without having to ever touch a single paper. Our drivers carry the MSDSs and ERGs in their trucks to ensure compliance and convenient access to information needed to transport chemicals safely. Our maintenance staff also use the system to stay informed of the chemicals they are working with or near in all situations.”

Overall, the msdsBinders system was the comprehensive solution RBS needed to save time and money. It ensured accuracy, peace of mind and helped implement the RBS safety policy in the following ways:

  • Proactive health and safety management
  • Educated and trained staff
  • Adhering to government regulations
  • Minimized risks through emergency responses and actions

After dealing with an internal paper based system and then seeing the difference the msdsBinders system could make, Brock insists that he would recommend the system to other companies operating in the transportation industry: “msdsBinders has become an integral component of our health and safety program and I would recommend it without reservation”.

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