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MTDP needs assessment in Libya: a case of international and joint venture organisation

The purpose of this article is to examine how international and joint venture organisations in all sectors rather than oil in Libya assess MTDP. This article will outline the recent situation in regards to MTDP needs assessment. Questionnaires were distributed to over 140 mangers from different sectors. SPSS software was applied, different tests were used, and significant–non significant findings were presented. The results of this research indicated that, experience and performance were the only MTDP needs assessment measurement used by many organisations. Also, the most common MTP needs assessment indicators used by some organisations were lack of knowledge, new methods introduced, and poor performance. Internal factors such as sector, size, and ownership of the organisations were also recognised to influence MTDP needs assessment whether positively or negatively. Only the hotel sector positively used poor service, low profit, customer satisfaction, and lastly, lack of knowledge as indicators for MTDP needs assessment. International and joint venture organisations in Libya advised to conduct MTDP needs assessment to all managers equally at different stages, time and used different methods.

Keywords: Libya, international organisations, joint venture organisations, management training and development programmes, MTDP, needs assessment

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