Mud desanders and desilters used in solids control system


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Mud desander is the second stage in the operation of drilling solid control equipment, commonly used is 10'and 12' cyclones. Oilfield mud desander is mainly used for the separation of solid particles in drilling fluid to particle size 45-74 microns in diameter. According to the processing capability, the customers usually choose several groups of cyclones combined into desander. KOSUN mud desanders are widely used in oil and gas drilling fields.

Mud desilter is used for drilling fluids solids control system in the third level the solids control equipment. The machine is designed according to the principle of particle sedimentation, which shows that oilfield desilter separation produces the certain speed through centrifugal pump and pressure when dealing with drilling fluids. The pressure and velocity enter the cyclone wall screw, coarse cyclone inner wall spiral sink in the centrifugal force, discharging from the underflow, falling below breakdown vibration sieve separation. The medium along the cyclone enters the fourth solids control stage for the further purification with drilling decanter centrifuge.

KOSUN, as a professional oilfield solid control equipment manufacturer, has a pleasure of offering you drilling mud cleaners at reasonable prices. It also gives waste management equipment, such as vertical centrifuge, high G dryer and screw pump. For more information, welcome to contact us anytime!

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