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Headline: Carbonetworks helps one of America’s largest retailers manage their energy consumption information for thousands of facilities.

This $57 Billion dollar company is a household name with approximately 3,900 stores and distribution centers in the United States and Canada. It is the leading home appliance retailer in the US, as well as a leader in tools; lawn and garden; home electronics; automotive repair and maintenance; and the largest provider of home services, with more than 12 million service calls made annually. With such a large consumer base, the company is committed to improving the lives of their customers by providing quality services, products and solutions that earn trust and build lifetime relationships.

To that end promoting sustainable products, services, and practices was a strategic imperative for a company serving environmentally-conscious consumers. The problem is that, as a large retailer facing stiff competition and razor thin margins, operational efficiency and prudent use of capital were paramount issues. How, then, could the company optimize the value of sustainability investments that not only promoted the company but also resulted in cost savings, operational efficiencies, risk mitigation, and improved customer service?

Business Problem

Because of the company’s sheer size and complexity of 3900 plus sites, managing GHG, energy, and other sustainability metrics proved to be extremely difficult and costly, mostly handled on spreadsheets, legacy systems, or manually. The lack of “intelligent” GHG systems made it quite challenging for the company to meet its compliance requirements, such as submitting to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), or assessing GHG information to evaluate potential energy and GHG reduction projects. Recent developments with the Greenhouse Gas Registry Act (H.R. 232) introduced in the US Congress, as well as market trends of customers embracing more sustainable products and services led the company to take the next step in revamping their existing processes with leading technology and best practices.

Why Carbonetworks

The ability to scale and support a $57 Billion dollar enterprise with massive amounts of data easily proved critical, and Carbonetworks met these requirements seamlessly on its robust technology platform. Carbonetworks demonstrated leading GHG functionality, such as an automated CDP reporting module and an “intelligent” analysis engine to assess GHG projects, which proved extremely valuable to the client.

Carbonetworks provided consulting services to train the client’s staff on best practices, such that the client team could be empowered to manage GHG processes moving forward, while maintaining a long-term partnership with the company over time.

Value Delivered

Using automated upload utilities and customizable templates, Carbonetworks implemented a full GHG data load for 3,900 facilities in 30 days. Automating reporting such as CDP and GHG footprints from huge amounts of data created significant process efficiencies, reducing cost and cycle time of deliverables, backed by the confidence of having all of the source information in Carbonetworks for auditing purposes. The company now has a central source of information for reporting, a baseline of data to act on going forward, and an “intelligent” platform that can help them plan for, develop, implement, and monitor their GHG and energy reduction projects. They have the ability to monetize GHG and energy projects with rigorous analytics and ROI that supports the company’s need to make the best use of capital outlays, while fostering the desired image of an environmentally friendly business.

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