Emergency Response Management Consulting Ltd. (ERMC)

Multinational Chemical Company


Critical Issue
ERMC worked with a multinational chemical company at one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the world – over 1,200 employees. The company recognized that their Emergency Management System (EMS) was not robust enough, and they were highly vulnerable to an emergency.

ERMC conducted an audit and aided them in developing a customized EMS. This included a review of chemicals on site – which identified some 2,200 different chemicals in quantities ranging from 500 ml to +1,000’s of tonnes.

ERMC worked with the company to develop a complete EMS including:

  1. Development of a complete Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) management structure
  2. Integration of this new structure into a comprehensive and user friendly Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  3. Physical development, layout and fully equip the company’s EOC
  4. Development and delivery of a comprehensive EOC training workshop(s) for all management and EOC staff.

Outcome/Return on Investment (ROI)
In this particular case, the company experienced a major unplanned chemical release four days after completion of training program. This release required them to mobilize and initiate their ERP, activate their EOC and coordinate their response to the release.

In the post incident review, the Vice President Operations said later, 'Am I ever glad that we had that training when we did with ERMC. There was no panic in the EOC, everyone knew exactly what to do.'

Core to the success of the EOC was the EMS and additional resources that were customized specifically to suit the company’s management structure and personnel. The EMS complemented the existing management organization and this allowed the company to more effectively coordinate their response.

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