Multiple Benefits of Choosing Low Flow Carpet Shampooers

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Before purchasing carpet shampooers, it is important to consider a number of different factors. Most people consider aspects like durability, reliability, efficiency and quality of components. However, one more vital aspect that you must ensure before buying a carpet extractor is whether the machine is eco-friendly and poses minimum risk to the environment.

With plenty of green systems available from leading distributors, it makes sense to choose an eco-friendly machine and do your bit to conserve water and the environment. So here is a look at how advanced versions of carpet shampooers offer greener cleaning functions without compromising on the end results.

Advanced Cleaning Capabilities
The latest versions of carpet extractors utilize the powerful cleaning action of super-hot water. Unlike cold water, heated water at extremely high temperatures, often up to 210°F, is capable of softening tough deposits of dirt and grime. These carpet shampooers rely more on suction power for eliminating dirt and stains, penetrating deeper into the carpet to remove the root of the stain.

Most homes, offices, and other buildings feature a range of carpets in different rooms. Sometimes, the cleaning requirements of these carpets will be quite varied. For instance, while delicate carpets must not be subjected to high temperatures, tough carpets demand the cleaning power of hot water. To cater to all these needs, new versions of carpet shampoo systems are equipped with adjustable temperature settings. With this function, you can easily adjust the temperature to suit the cleaning needs of a particular carpet and thus avoid possible damage due to high temperatures.

Versatility is another key aspect of the new breed of carpet cleaning machines. Unlike traditional carpet cleaner equipment only capable of maintaining carpeted surfaces, the newer commercial carpet cleaners featuring numerous attachments can clean up upholstery and detail the interiors of vehicles, as well.

The Amazing Low Flow Technology
The low moisture cleaning function is an advanced technology available with new rug cleaners. By significantly reducing the volume of water consumed during the cleaning process, the low flow function contributes to both eco-friendly cleaning and easier cleanup as well. Try cleaning your carpet like most people do – by washing it down with water and detergent – and you will probably have to leave it out for up to 24 hours to dry completely. A low flow commercial carpet cleaner will offer better cleaning results and allow your carpets to be fresh and dry in just 2 to 6 hours.

Carpet cleaning machines that eject cold water will allow your carpets to completely dry in about 6 hours. If you expect faster drying periods, go for heated rug cleaners capable of helping carpets dry in just 2 hours. Heated versions of carpet cleaner equipment are highly recommended for cleaning professionals who often have to clean and deliver carpets to commercial areas within a matter of hours.

Fast drying periods greatly contribute to extending the life of your carpets. By eliminating the risks of mold or mildew development or emission of foul odors commonly associated with extremely wet carpets, low flow technology of advanced carpet shampooers gives you the best ever carpet cleaning results while contributing to water conservation, as well.


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