Multiple location integrated management plan case study


A multiple location restaurant chain was challenged by increasing costs from their waste hauler and a lack of response regarding service concerns and pricing questions.

The RecycleSmart Solution
RecycleSmart worked with the existing service provider to complete a full inventory of all locations, right sizing of waste bins for each location and developing schedules to fit the seasonality of the various locations. A new service contract was negotiated that allows for flexibility and controlled price increases throughout the contract term.

The Results
The client realized annual savings of $20,000.00 without sacrificing service at the restaurant locations. The client was also able to increase the waste diversion rate using specialized recycling pickup services for hard to recycle items such as patio furniture, old equipment and scrap metal.

RecycleSmart also was able to source a new service vendor for refundable beverage containers that has increased the revenue significantly for this item.

RecycleSmart completed a business case study for the implementation of an organic waste (composting) program which would increase the waste diversion rate without increasing operating costs.

Customer comments

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