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Multiple options of HFC Contamination monitors from Lab Impex Systems in UK


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 A family of SEA Hand Foot Clothing Contamination Monitors are exclusively available in the UK from Lab Impex Systems. The monitor incorporates large area plastic scintillation detectors with a zinc-sulphide layer which facilitates simultaneous measurement of Alpha and Beta and Gamma contamination.

Options include:

  • Extra Narrow Version
  • Wall mounted Hand Monitor
  • Walk-through Monitor
  • Triage Monitor


There is a HFC version to fit every facility, even when space is restricted.


The extra narrow version is only 43cm wide and has the hand detectors integrated into the front of the housing.

The walk through version combines contamination measurement with a barrier/gate mechanism.

The triage monitor incorporates simultaneous measurement of the stomach and thyroid.

There are added options of having double hand detectors for simultaneous measurement of both sides of hands, a transponder system, automatic personnel recognition and administration software to facilitate storage of measurements and personnel details.


 About Lab Impex Systems: Laboratory Impex Systems develop and supply radiation detection equipment and integrated nucleonic systems. The company has 35 years of experience catering for the high technological specification demands of: Defence, Nuclear, Medical and Industrial customers all over the world.

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