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Multiple Seed Waveform (MSW) vibration model and some case studies

Most existing blast vibration models are designed for far-field vibration using a single seed wave to represent each blasthole within a blast for a point of interest and do not simulate wave shape change over the distance. Without modelling the waveform change, such models cannot reliably predict the amplitude and frequency of the blast vibration from a production blast. A multiple-seed blast vibration model (MSW) developed within Orica in recent years is suitable for near and far-field blast vibration. With the recent development, it is also applicable for open pit and underground blast vibrations including tunnel blasting. This paper updates the current capabilities of the MSW model with selected case studies.

Keywords: blast vibration modelling, multiple seed waves, waveform change over distance, multiple seed waveform, simulation, open pit blast vibrations, underground blast vibrations, tunnel blasting, hard rock excavation, rock blasting

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