Muncher proves to be ‘man’s best friend


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The installation of the SB Muncher was chosen by Lancashire County Council to ensure the effective grinding, transfer and disposal of kennel waste at the police dog training school. Previously the waste would have to be collected, bagged and removed from site for disposal, which is an ongoing costly exercise. By installing an SB Muncher, the customer now has a simple solution to kennel waste disposal and avoids the costs of removal from site.

Installed in its own self contained chamber, the SB Muncher has a stainless steel hopper, fitted with a lid interlocked with a Solenoid valve and water spray. Dog waste is manually placed into the hopper and when the lid is closed, the system automatically starts a programme to flush the waste into the Muncher for disintegration. Once the waste has been processed for a pre-set time, the system automatically switches off. The waste is then easily fed into a channel for transfer to an on-site waste treatment system. After treatment it is discharged onto
surrounding land, adhering to the stringent standards of the Environment Agency.

The SB Muncher is a low speed, high torque, parallel shaft grinder. The differential speed of the cutter shafts,
crush, crop and shear waste for easy processing. As the rotating and cutting speed is low, wear rates are reduced and maintenance costs are therefore kept to a minimum. Low speed also results in lower noise levels.

The design of the SB Muncher features a one piece cutter/box bearing housing, the cutter shafts are cantilevered, with the actual cutter throat length being just 100mm. All these features combine to provide a simple, compact, less expensive construction package, whilst still maintaining the exceptionally rugged and efficient characteristics of the Muncher range.

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