Municipal Bloomingdale, MI USA - Case Study


Courtesy of Biowater Technology AS

Project Name: Bloomingdale WWTP Upgrade
Location: Bloomingdale, MI USA
Type of Plant: Municipal - Nitrification
Technology Used: Biowater CMFF
Biomedia Used: Biowater BWT-X
Operational Since: 2013

The Challenge

Bloomingdale’s existing wastewater treatment plant has unique challenges associated with seasonal fluctuation from regional school and food processor discharges. The existing lagoon cannot meet new ammonia limits, and cold wastewater temperature exacerbates the problem.

The Design

The municipality selected Biowater’s CMFF biological process, which is based on the MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) concept in which biofilm are fluidized in the bed and remove organics and nitrify ammonia and TKN. The CMFF process in Bloomingdale is a three stage aerobic process followed by gravity clarification as shown.


Biowater’s CMFF process was successfully started up in winter/ spring 2013. Performance testing was a success, and the system meets the effluent design criteria.

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