Municipal sewer remote monitoring

Sewers are critical heavy duty infrastructure components requiring costly maintenance. Many municipalities suffer from ageing pipelines that pose higher chances of failure. Sewer leak or overflow results in high cost as a result of civil reimbursement and due to inflected illness. Moreover Civilian frustration that results form the overflow is often targeted towards the municipality. Overflow can also occur as a result of pipe blocking, rain drainage, overstressed pipe lines and more. Most of the overflows are unpredictable when using the traditional means of monitoring (which are usually an angry phone call reporting an overflow..)

Our Solution:

We offer continues remote monitoring of the municipal sewer system.
Our non contact Ultrasonic level transmitter measures the level or flow in the manholes. The data is transferred via the GSM network to a control center where our software is running.
The benefits to the municipality:
24/7 control and monitoring. Direct on-line access to the sewer flow underground.
•Predilection of overflow. This allows the officials to act before and not after the damage is inflicted.
•Predilection of irregular activity (overstressed pipes, blockage, etc.). This allows preventive maintenance which is always much cheaper than dealing with unexpected disasters.
•Detect the exact location of the problem – save time and money.
•Overall cost reduction on maintenance and damage control.
•Increase civilian (customer) satisfaction.

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