Municipal solid waste management in Khoram Abad City

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This paper presents an overview of current municipal solid waste management in Khoram Abad city. Necessary data was collected from municipality information, direct observation, taking photography, Interviewing with responsible persons and a questionnaire.

According to data collected by the local authorities, the waste generation rate is estimated to be 800 g/cap. d   with density of 243 kg/m3.Solid waste is stored in different types of containers at the source of generation in different areas of the city. Within the household, plastic bags are usually used for the storage of generated solid waste.

Local Authority (Khoram Abad Municipality) is responsible for waste collection, transportation. Municipality is responsible for waste collection, using private sector contracts.

At present, both mechanical and manual methods are used to collect residential waste. Manual methods of collection are the most commonly used for waste collection in most parts of the city. Almost 54.4 % of the MSW is collected daily and transported to transfer stations or disposal sites and about 48.6 % of collections are occurred at nights Land filling is the main disposal method in this city. But it has some obvious problem and deficiencies including lack of required equipment for fire control, waste reduction, alarm and guide signs, gas emission, and so on.

The current state of solid waste management has been improved slightly in the last decade. But it has many problems. By public education, performance of sanitary land filling and preparation of any engineered structure, leachate collection systems, run-on/run-off control systems, final covers, ground water monitoring systems, and gas collection systems, Fencing at the property to impede entry by the public and large animals can reduce the human and environmental risks.

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