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Municipal Wastewater Pump Station Design Problems and Solutions

The growth of the Northern Virginia Area around Washington D.C. has resulted in the requirement for numerous new wastewater pumping stations and the upgrade and expansion of existing pump stations. This paper presents practical problems and solutions associated with the following pump station design issues: 1.) Concrete Corrosion Protection, 2.) Corrosion Resistant Materials, 3.) Pump Protection from Influent Sewage Debris, 4.) Pump Selection Based on Total Dynamic Head Calculations, 5.) Energy Efficient Operation, 6.) Pump Station Appearance, 7.) Surge Protection, 8.) Rehabilitation of Existing Pump Stations, 9.) Odor Control, 10.) Prevention of Leakage into the Pump Station Structures, 11.) Provisions for Future Expansion and 12.) Grit Deposition in Wet Wells Sized for Future Flow Rates.

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