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Municipality entering cable recycling - Case Study


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  • Recycling areas: Cable
  • Company name: FFV Energi & Miljø A/S/ Faaborg-Midtfyn
  • Located: Faaborg, Denmark
  • Founded: 2000

About company: FFV Energi & Miljø A/S is responsible for utilities like electricity, water and heat supply in the municipalities Faaborg, Ringe, Broby, Ryslinge and Årslev in Denmark.

Would it be possible to make an additional environmental effort in the municipality at the same time improving the economy in the municipality? This was the aim when the FFV Energi & Miljø A/S in Faaborg-Midtfyn in Denmark started looking for cable recycling equipment.

FFV Energi & Miljø A/S is responsible for utilities like electricity, water and heat supply in the municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn in Denmark. FFV is also responsible for city restorations in the municipality, meaning collecting much waste like cables. If possible the waste was sold to recycling companies for further processing, and recycling. In 2011 they got to thinking: would it be possible to make an additional environmental effort by recycling these cables themselves, at the same time earning some extra money?

Flexible production from a local manufacturer

After a thorough global research of available cable recycling equipment, they decided to choose a local option: Eldan Recycling.

The first machine of the recycling system, a Micro Module, was installed in the beginning of 2012 and has been running at full one shift production since. In November the same year, the second machine, a Rasper R400-3, was delivered and successfully built together with the Micro Module by Eldan Recycling’s installation team. The Eldan equipment is of modular design making it easy to add on to production if needed, also enabling a number of different production combinations and options.

“The modular approach is one of our business trademarks. It gives our customers possibility to gradually grow their production and business if needed. Just like in the case of the municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn. By adding the Rasper R400-3 to the Micro Module, we doubled the capacity from approx. 200-250 kg/production hour to approx. 450 kg/production hour. The Rasper also made it possible to process larger cables” says Flemming Hansen, Product Manager at Eldan. “We are very proud to have the municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn as one of our new customers. Partly due to the fact that they are situated in the same geographic area as Eldan Recycling. Working with a municipality is pretty much like working with any company. In the case of FFV, they where very updated on the recycling process, and our equipment which made them very easy and pleasant to work with.”

Making an environmental effort – with profit

Like many other business they have become increasingly aware of the importance of thinking of the environmental impact the company has on society.

“Investing in this cable recycling plant is a way to benefit from our internal competence within waste management since we see a profitable business within the recycling industry. Eldan Recycling is well experienced and also a local organization that we know for many years” says Jes Knudsen, CFO at FFV Energi & Miljø A/S. “We had high expectations on the reliability of the equipment, which have been completely lived up to expectations. We look forward to a continuously solid business processing cables.”

The equipment has been up and running for 2,5 years processing mixed dry cables collected from building- and restoration projects within the municipality. The output material is sold to metal traders.

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