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Murco oil refinery milford haven


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TERRAM Erocell has been used on a significant earthworks contract designed to help safeguard the local environment around the Milford Haven Oil Refinery in South West Wales

The contractor, Llanelli based Quantum, have been carrying out remediation works on an existing bund that lies between the site boundary and a storage lagoon used to retain potentially contaminated drainage water from the site prior to treatment and then subsequent discharge

As part of the remediation works Quantum were required to install a geomembrane liner to make the embankment impermeable. This liner was installed along the site facing side of the bund and, in order to protect this liner from damage and degradation through exposure to UV radiation, a protective layer of vegetated top soil was specified. It was here that TERRAM were asked to help as there were few details as to how the top soil were to be held in position over the liner

The solution was to supply a modified version of our Erocell 20/15. As a lightweight textile material, Erocell is very user friendly and is supplied flat in panel form which is expanded on site to create a honeycomb structure suitable for infilling. The modification was necessary to allow the insertion of tendons onto which the Erocell was suspended; the usual anchor pin method couldn’t be applied in this case as it would puncture the newly installed geomembrane liner rendering it useless

As an organisation TERRAM is dedicated to developing products which help preserve the environment and its core values are firmly focused on sustainable development and environmental sensitivity. TERRAM materials are currently being used in oil and gas projects all over the world.

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