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MVX-7100 Micro-Volume Injection System for ICP-MS


Micro-Volume Injection System for ICP-MS. The MVX-7100 Workstation when paired with a DS-5 total consumption nebulizer creates a paradigm shift in ICP-MS sample introduction. It is a long overdue tool for trace element researchers wanting to measure elements at trace levels in microliter sized samples. In this study the MVX-7100 is used with quadrupole ICP-MS for injection of 20 micro L and 100 micro L volumes. When working with micro-volume samples we have found that all aspects of sample introduction must be reconsidered. Four critical parts are needed for repeatable results:

(1) high precision probe positioning

(2) discrete aliquot sampling

(3) stable sample injection

(4) low flow nebulization.

The MVX-7100 has been optimized for each of these critical parts with (1) encoder driven X, Y, Z autosampler able to sample 384-well plates, (2) syringe driven sample aliquot, (3) syringe driven sample injection, and (4) DS-5 total consumption nebulizer.

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