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Nakoma Brook flood & hydraulic analysis & engineering study Sloatsburg, New York


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Performed Hydrologic Studies and Hydraulic Engineering Investigations and Designs for the Nakoma Brook Watershed located in Western Rockland and Southeastern Orange Counties, encompassing over 8 square miles. The study area focus was in the Village of Sloatsburg, NY at the intersection of Route 17 and Eagle Valley Road. Flood Control analyses were conducted using USACOE's HEC-1 and HEC-2 computer simulation models. Work included detailed field reconnaissance and surveys of the entire watershed and surrounding areas along Nakoma Brook and Ramapo River. Engineering assessments of stormdrainage systems, culverts, dams, spillways, bridges, open channels and stream embankments. Preparation of engineering designs for improvements of floodway. Modeling and mapping of computer generated Flood Plain Plans and Profiles. Analysis of various alternatives to ameliorate flooding, erosion, and siltation on the Nakoma Brook and its tributary, which includes over 3.5 miles of stream with discharge to the Ramapo River.

Project included structural and hydraulic analyses and assessment of Cranberry Lake Dam and spillway (tributary to Nakoma Brook) as well as alternative design repairs and methods to increase dam and spillway elevation for increased storage.

Recommended flood amelioration designs included: Construction of new levees, dikes, culverts, bridge culverts, lined channels, new concrete lined water way, weir repairs, dam repairs, channel dredging and stream maintenance.

Deliverables included production of an Engineering Design Report; Existing and Proposed Flood Plain Drawings (Maps), Profiles, Cross-sections; Cost-benefit Economic Analyses of Flood Amelioration Alternatives; Stream Maintenance Drawings; Stream Maintenance Report.

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