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Nan H2O filtration Drinking Water Production – Membrane Filtration Municipality of Lac - Bouchette


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Located in Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec, Lac-Bouchette is a municipality of 1,400 inhabitants. For its supply in drinking water, the Roche Ltd Consulting Group recommended the municipality to call on H2O Innovation’s services. This, following a pilot study executed on the water of the Ouiatchouan lake that has been carried out from May till October 2003. The nanofiltration treatment system called “OMÉGA 68” produces 187 gallons per minute and supplies the municipality in drinking water of great quality. It is all automatic (data transfer by optical fiber), safe and is equipped with a remote control system.

Holder of the certification granted by the Department of Environment of Quebec for its solution of surface water treatment by membrane filtration called “Nan H2O filtration”, this system produces safe water without adding any chemicals and fulfils the municipality’s needs. This project is the first one of its kind installed in the region and that explains why H2O is able to develop an expertise among the municipalities and to increase its capacity to answer the demand of the drinking water market.

Treatment line:

The water of the Ouiatchouan lake is pumped and transported towards the 75 micrometers self-cleaning disc prefilters. Then, the water supplies the sand filters which removes the suspended matters (particles) as well as decreases the turbidity. The filtrate goes through the 5 micrometers sediment prefilters, ensuring a better protection of the membranes. Afterwards, the water is pressurized through the 17 housings, each one including 4 nanofiltration membranes. At last, another pump provides the required recirculation. The membranes integrity is regularly verified by automatic vacuum tests developed by H2O Innovation.


  • 98% of the organic matters and the THM precursors (that give the water its color) are removed.
  • The produced water has a turbidity below 0.1 NTU at any time.
  • The quality of the water exceeds the provincial (Quebec) standards.
  • The produced water is colorless and free from pathogenic microorganisms.
  • The water is safe and fulfils the municipality of Lac-Bouchette’s needs of drinking water.

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