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Nano-fractals from inorganic salts induced by fullerene polymer systems

This study investigates the formation of nano-fractals of inorganic salts induced by polymethacrylic acid-b-C60 (PMAA-b-C60) and polyacrylic acid-b-C60 (PAA-b-C60) under various physical conditions. The polymers were synthesised by atom transfer radical polymerisation (ATRP) and fractals were produced when the solutions with inorganic salts were dried under isothermal conditions. Fractals formed were examined under a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) and their fractal dimensions estimated. This study suggests the possibility of manipulating fractal properties in different physical conditions, which may have applications in the electronics industry. In addition, some of these fractals resemble natural biological fractals, implying that this synthetic system may be a good model for understanding the formation of natural occurring fractals.

Keywords: fractals, fractal dimension, polymethacrylic acid-b-C60, polyacrylic acid-b-C60, mono-valent salt, nanofractals, nanotechnology, inorganic salts, fullerene polymers, atom transfer radical polymerisation, ATRP, electronics industry

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