Nation’s Largest Tank Barge Company case study


Courtesy of BioprocessH2O

The Problem: The Nation’s largest tank barge company is a centralized treatment facility that receives oily wastewater from barges and ships that transport oil and petroleum products. The wastewater is highly loaded with BOD, COD, TSS and oil and they were seeking a direct discharge permit.

The Solution: In 2010, Ecolab partnered with bioprocessH2O to provide a fully integrated API separation and a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system for oil removal along with a bioFLOW Membrane Bioreactor System (MBR).

Status/Results: The bioFLOW MBR system provides effective treatment of the high strength wastewater stream that allows the facility to consistently meet stringent effluent discharge limitations for direct discharge. The external tubular membrane process has proven to be a very robust and reliable membrane separation system that can be aggressively cleaned.

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