National Aerospace Laboratories (CSIR) – celebrating 50 years of excellence


National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), Bangalore is a constituent of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research of India (CSIR). Originally started as National Aeronautical Laboratory, it was renamed National Aerospace Laboratories to reflect its major involvement in the Indian space programme, its multidisciplinary activities and it’s global positioning.

Over the last five decades NAL has successfully contributed to the growth in India of aerospace activities in particular within defence and space sectors. NAL has made significant contributions to a large number of aerospace programmes such as civil and military aircraft, and space and engine development programmes.

NAL’s sophisticated test facilities boast among others full scale fatigue and acoustic testing facilities – actively supported by Brüel & Kjær since the early days. For some 40 years now, Brüel & Kjær has been supplying NAL with the complete measurement chain of sound and vibration equipment – from transducers and conditioners, to noise generators, spectrum shapers and analyzers. Currently, the1100 m3 Acoustic Test Facility extensively uses Brüel & Kjær microphones, conditioning and PULSE systems as part of their acoustic environment testing programme for satellites and satellite subsystems.
Nowadays, of course, it is PULSE that plays the central role in NAL’s test and analysis systems, but Dr. M. Ranjan, Head of Knowledge& Technology Management Division and the Acoustic Test Facility remembers the good old days of the Digital Frequency Analyzer Type 2131, the world’s first 100% digital filter analyzer, “I still miss it,” he claims! Dr. Ranjan can further relate many stories on how Brüel & Kjær systems have helped in the Acoustic Test Laboratory – identifying potential acoustically induced fatigue failures caused by the extreme noise levels generated at satellite launch.

NAL’s acoustic activities don’t just stop with aerospace. NAL also acts as certification agency for the Central Pollution Control Board. Brüel & Kjær Sound Level Meters and Real Time Analyzers play a central role in combating India’s noise problems. One case had them helping the Indian government to impose noise legislation on the manufacturers of fire-crackers!

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