National instruments features Watertectonics' Waveionics user interface and control system


Courtesy of Water Tectonics, Inc.

Using National Instruments products like LabVIEW and Compact FieldPoint Controllers, WATERTECTONICS has developed a user interface for the WaveIonics electrocoagulation system that is flexible, automated, and robust. With the tight integration between NI hardward and software, WATERTECTONICS was able to test coding extensively on a PC before deploying it to a system. Plus, it was easy to adapt the intuitive touch-panel GUI for multiple systems, providing operational control and vitals to our customers. For hardware, the system incorporates the NI Compact FieldPoint programmable automation controller (PAC). This NI PAC integrates seamlessly with different transducers as well as an external measurement system for pH, conductivity, and turbidity. WATERTECTONICS also capitalized on the controller's wide range of data communication capabilities, such as Modbus (RS232 and Ethernet), OPC, and Web communication for remote access and control.

By using the NI platform, the WaveIonics system is able to provide real-time pH and turbidity inline management. The system not only offers alarming and onboard data logging based on water quality but also monitors system components for predictive maintenance and recommends an exchange of consumables when needed. Because many sites must report water quality and discharge data, clients can use the logged information for automating the filing process and can easily transfer the logged data into their supervisory control systems for further reporting. For further information or to read the case study in full, please visit the link below.

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