National Lighting Ballast Shortage

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All the information you need on the national ballast shortage has been consolidated here.

Could the demand for iPads, iPhones and other personal gadgets be fueling the world wide electronic ballast shortage? As crazy as that sounds, it seems to be the case.

The China Semiconductor Industry Association predicts that the market value of China's electronics industry will top US$1 trillion this year, with the consumer electronics segment accounting for US$80 billion worth. The surge of electronics production has also resulted in increasing demand for electronic components. On the flip side, Asian suppliers of these key electronic components - basic electronic items that are used widely across all industries - have yet to ratchet up production after cutting back two years ago as the global economic slowdown began to take hold.

What does this bode for our industry? More project delays, missed deadlines and frustrated clients.

Connexion has been staying in front of this issue and reporting any communication we receive through our industry news blog. We hope that these communications can better prepare our clients in their planning in order to avoid any unneccesary surprises.

We will continue to post breaking news on our blog - in addition to updating this page to allow you a quick, one, stop source for all articles addressing this issue.

Date Connexion Ballast Shortage Articles:
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Here is a short collection of articles outside the electrical industry that provide key insights into this current supply / demand crisis:
Source: Article:
Venture Outsource Semiconductor shortages pave road for China
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Reuters ANALYSIS - Electronic component shortages may last through 2011
Supply Chain Matters Supply Ramp-Up Issues are Impacting Multiple Industry Supply Chains
The China Post  iPad, others draining Asia of electronic components

Update 10/1/10:
I had the opportunity to meet with some of our lighting manufacturers at a recent trade conference; when asked about the shortage, some manufacturers are forecasting continued shortages well into 2nd or 3rd quarter 2011.

As always, any updates will be posted on the Connexion website.

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