Natural Disaster Recovery & Drinking Water

Courtesy of LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

Clean water is one of the fundamental pillars of modern civilization, and a major priority for local and municipal government.  When disaster – hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes – strikes, one of the first priorities is to rehabilitate water treatment and distribution systems.  Water main and pipe breaks, pressure loss, and backflow can all act to introduce external contamination into distribution systems during and following such disasters, and water operators must be able to quickly assess their repairs before putting systems back into operation.  LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP systems provide operators with a real-time, on-the-spot indication of total microbiology, which can be used to quickly assess system contamination or cleanliness.  By virtue of its portability, results can be obtained at the point of sampling, allowing the fastest possible path to successful correction of system deficiencies.

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