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Natural Gas: Complete Analytical Solution


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Chromatotec® has developed in its Research & Development laboratories, a new instrument for hydrocarbon (C1-C6+) measurements and calorific values as well as WOBBE index computation.

This analyzer is based on chromatography principle using a Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD). The sample will be separated into the column and quantified by the detector. A difference of thermal conductivity between the reference gas (carrier gas) and the sample gas will allow the quantification of hydrocarbons.

The identification of compounds will be made as for all chromatographic systems with the retention time. Measured concentrations are obtained and displayed via Vistachrom Software and are used to calculate calorific values and WOBBE index. These data give analytical information allowing full characterization of natural gas calorific capability.

The analyzer is robust, easy to use for non-specialized operator and requires very low maintenance.

For a complete natural gas analysis, this instrument can be coupled to a chromaFID (BTEX and others VOCs measurement) and an energyMEDOR (for sulfur and mercaptan measurements). Due to its new improvements, Chromatotec® provides a full analytical solution for natural gas monitoring.

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