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Natural radioactivity of some Egyptian building materials

The study of the radiation hazards from building materials is of interest in most countries. The measurements of natural radioactivity were verified for some Egyptian building materials to assess any possible radiological hazard due to their use. The measurements were performed by gamma-ray spectroscopy using a Hyper-Pure Germanium (HPGe) detector. A CR-39 track detector was used to measure the radon exhalation rates, and these were found to vary from 2.83 ? 0.86 to 41.57 ? 8.38 mBq m−2 h−1 for Egyptian alabaster. The absorbed dose rate in the air was lower than the international recommended value (55 nGy h−1) for all test samples.

Keywords: CR-39 track detectors, HPGe detector, radon exhalation rate, Egyptian alabaster, absorbed dose, natural radioactivity, building materials, low radiation, radiation hazards

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