Natural Sweetener VS Artificial Sweetener

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Human loves sugar. That’s coded genetically from ancient times, maybe several million of years ago when our ancestors were struggling for food. They need to ingest as much food as possible and convert the then into fat which store much more calorie when taking much less space. Since then, human started to fall in love with sugar as sugar can be obtained easier than all other food.

However, love of sugar brought us various health problems as human cannot cease sugar addiction when they don’t need to struggle for food. The typical example is wide-spread obesity and type II diabetes. More than that, over consumption of sugar is also connected with various other health problems teeth problems, development of cancer, development of heart disease etc... Various low calorie sweeteners, both natural and artificial, are developed to solve the problem that sugar brought to us. However, when dealing with sugars, the sweeteners brought up some new problems. Here is an overview of artificial and natural sweeteners used in food we usually eat.

Artificial Sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners are usually not derived from sugar except the sweet taste. They usually salt or sugar alcohol, containing almost now calorie. Human usually don’t absorb these substance so they are usually believed to be safe and healthy for using in dietary food and drink. However, recent research imply that these sweetener can also cause obesity as the sweet taste can trigger conversion from blood sugar to fat resulting low blood sugar and the low blood sugar leads to intake of more calorie. The typical Artificial Sweeteners are: Saccharin Sodium (the first artificial sweetener ever developed by human), Aspartame (together with Sucralose is the most widely used artificial sweetener), Sucralose (together with Aspartame is the most widely used artificial sweetener.), Acesulfame potassium, Neotame (the sweetest type of sweetener), Sodium Cyclamate (banned of sales in US market from October 1969).

Natural Sweeteners:

Natural sweeteners are usually natural substance extracted from plant. They are usually considered as safe. Another fact is that the natural sweeteners usually will not affect the insulin level in human, so they usually will not cause obesity after prolonged consumption. However, most of natural sweeteners are not as sweet as the artificial ones. The typical natural Sweeteners are: Xylitol (roughly as sweet as table sugar with 33% fewer calories), Erythritol (60–70% as sweet as table sugar with almost no calorie), Stevioside (about 300 times sweeter than table sugar, the most promising sweetener that will take the place of existing artificial sweeteners.) 

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