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Navigating in a sea of paper? - How to optimize your environmental laboratory information management


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Would you like your lab to grow both smart and green? In the absence of an optimal Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), today’s environmental laboratories have a difficult time growing adeptly without creating more boxes of paper plus lots of shelves to archive the data, thus requiring investments in more people, equipment, and space. If you grew with an proficient LIMS like Element DataSystem® then you could handle that next big project while being both smart (efficient) and green (environmentally sustainable).

Promium, the designers of Element DataSystem®, invite you to look at how a laboratory information management system developed specifically for the environmental laboratory market can help you manage your data more efficiently, more ecologically and more profitably. As the leading provider of environmental LIMS, since 1998 we have helped over 200 laboratories optimize their information flow.  Other LIMS vendors try to cover the environmental market with a “yeah, we do that too” strategy or they offer a fleeting “trade-in” discount if you switch over to a lesser system. Promium is a professional, highly qualified environmental LIMS provider that prides itself on superior software with customer focused implementation and support. We have replaced lots of other LIMS not because we offer discounts but because our laser focus on environmental testing confers many benefits not found in other, more generic LIMS.  Promium is the only LIMS company full of environmental chemists, focused exclusively on the environmental testing industry. We speak the language of your Lab.

By utilizing our Package Manager module within Element DataSystem®, your lab can seamlessly produce complex fully compliant data sets, complete with analytical reports, chromatograms, QC reports, narration and EDDs, in packages ready for third party validation without the cost and weight of paper production, thereby lessening your ecological footprint. By rapidly delivering electronically or via disk, you can reduce time and production costs and make improved productivity a key component in your “go green” eco-initiative. An environmental laboratory that efficiently improves data production and operating margins while simultaneously reduces its environmental impact makes itself a more valued provider to its data clients and a superior competitor in the marketplace.

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