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Necessity of logistics in the economic development of Poland

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As an observer of computer aided production processes, it is possible to detect a refinement in the tools used, i.e., computer software and hardware. There are a lot of achievements in this field, however, what is currently noticeable is the next phase of this development pointing at a drive towards logistic systems, according to the Just-in-Time principle, which refers to raw materials movement in logistic chains. This field of computer application appears most effective and logistic management in many countries can be considered as a reality, although in Poland many efforts to improve organisation and management are required. Facing the growing opportunities for trade between the European Union and Asia, Poland, because of its geopolitical location, has a chance to participate in this process only when a nationwide Logistics Platform is built.

Keywords: logistics, logistical management, logistic system, logistic chains, development of computer aided manufacturing, logistic platform in Poland

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