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Need Copper Granule, Why Not Copper Wire Granulator?


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Copper wire granulator is used for separating large quantities of copper from insulated wires efficiently and finally getting pure copper granule. Compared with refined copper, it has a wider range use and more value especially in the electronic industry. 

At present, copper file is produced in electro deposition way in the electronic industry. The original technique is not satisfactory for its low efficiency and high cost with electrolytic copper as its raw material. The using of copper granule instead of electrolytic copper can increase the produce efficiency and decrease the cost by a large margin. At present, the high quality copper granule is in short supply in the domestic market, so the prospect of the sales market is inspiring and promising.

It’s an advanced technology that adopting copper wire granulator to recycle the waste copper wires or cables. A superior and excellent copper wire granulator plays an extremely important role in producing high quality copper granules.There are different models that can satisfy all kinds of practical needs, you can choose the one you need. For example, the daily handling capacity of Amisy copper wire granulator AMS-800 is 5-6 ton, AMS-600 is 3-4 ton and AMS-400 is 1.5-2 ton. 

Amisy copper wire granulator AMS-800 should be your first choice if you have a large number of waste copper or cable wires to deal with. Zhengzhou Amisy is trustworthy because it promises you produce a large quantity of superior cooper granules in a short time with less energy consumption. Otherwise you can choose AMS-600 or AMS-400.

Among so many copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine manufacturers, Zhengzhou Amisy with 12 years of experience is welcomed in the global market by providing professional, considerate and specific service and advice for every customer. The adopting of latest and advanced technology is the key for Amisy to guarantee the best quality of the product.

It’s a good idea for you to choose Zhengzhou Amisy and you will be glad to cooperate with us for a long time if you have used our products.

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