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Need for restoration of the nuclear knowledge management in Serbia

Nuclear programmes in former Yugoslavia have been supported by comprehensive research and development (R&D), educational programmes and pertinent training in the country and abroad. Three research reactors and one nuclear power plant (NPP) were constructed and operated with the significant participation of domestic experts. Since 1989, the nuclear expertise has deteriorated considerably in Serbia, due to the adopted law on ban of NPP construction, isolation of the country due to the UN sanctions and the weak economic situation. Major R&D programmes were cancelled, nuclear courses at the University revoked, many professionals left the country, and the loss of nuclear knowledge and expertise was inevitable. A new nuclear programme related for remediation of nuclear and radiation safety in Serbia has been launched two years ago. This paper, besides giving an overview of past nuclear knowledge management programmes, emphasises the need for nuclear expertise and the lack of nuclear professionals to carry out the new programmes.

Keywords: nuclear knowledge management, Serbia, nuclear safety, radiation safety, nuclear power, nuclear energy, nuclear science, nuclear technology, nuclear expertise

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