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Need for uniqueness as antecedents to purchase behaviour amongst Indian youth

In the developing countries there has been a transition in social values and aspirations of the consumers. This may be attributed to changing lifestyles due to globalisation and awareness about self. Our research was targeted for measuring need for uniqueness (NFU) in Indian youth and their attitudes towards purchase of luxury brand as their expression of individuality. Our research findings suggest that Indian youth did not exhibit high NFU however; luxury brands for them do connote status and expression of individuality. The Indian social system has been witnessing an evolution from traditional family centric values towards more of individual-centric values, thus the trait of NFU and expression of self-identity amongst Indian youth may become more prominent in the future. While marketing global luxury brands in India, advertising may play a major role for creating and conveying a new identity to the consumers while maintaining a balance with traditional family value systems.

Keywords: self-identity, uniqueness, luxury brands, branding, status symbols, young people, youth, India, purchase behaviour, developing countries, social values, consumer aspirations, changing lifestyles, self- awareness, individuality, social systems, family values, families, individual-centric values, marketing, global brands, advertising, new identities, business, globalisation, Asia

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