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Need of Surveillance and High Quality Monitoring


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With the rise in unwanted scenarios in nature due to the man-made activities in the environment a severe need for proper surveillance of various disasters causing factors is a must in the current prevailing situations. An uncountable millions of lives are being lost every year due to accidents or natural calamities. The squandering caused by such undesirable phenomena’s can be curtailed by proper monitoring and surveillance of the causing factors.

Some horrendous incidents occur on railway tracks due to gremlins of railway tracks which snatch away the lives of millions of people and cause ineffable grief deep within the hearts of their families. These incidents can be avoided by keeping a proper check on the railway tracks. There should be a regular check on these cases and the railways officials must work with their whole heart and souls and should always be updated. The stability of the railway tracks can be affected adversely in circumstances where landslides and troublemakers to a healthy habitat are a regular guest. These people always seem to be in picture and are mainly responsible for the destruction of this beautiful gift by god. Track conditions can also be deteriorated due to excavations, quarrying or mining taking place in nearby vicinity. In such situations, keeping a regular check on the track solidarity and immutability is a must. However, regular examination of tracks manually is a tough call; in fact practically impossible and a little negligence can lead to horrific accidents. Such situations demand the use of track monitoring. 

Track monitors are used when the reliability of the tracks may be defiled by external factors. The sensors of the track monitoring system monitors the movement of the track when crossed over by a train with the help of sensors attached to the railway line. This way they check for twists and settlements in case any. All the sensors are directly attached to the automatic data collecting systems which are programmed to send local alarms to the respected authorities, following which the problems can be immediately fixed avoiding any sort of disaster.

The other thing that requires surveillance and assessment is the ever changing environment and its dynamic processes. Environment Monitoring involves all the modus operands that monitor the idiosyncrasies of the environment. It is put into when human activities or other elements pose a threat to the environment. The monitor generates data that is arranged statistically to produce reports and journals for assessment. Environmental Monitoring Assessment is the principal operation for producing environmental journals or reports for the purpose of studying and revelation of any eccentricity in the environmental conditions. This is the key step to procure environment related data and put it into use.

Much causality occurs due to natural calamities and undesirable loss is accompanied with them. Datum Monitoring is an essential operation incorporating a wide range of monitoring systems. It includes monitoring of structural as well as environmental infrastructures like that of earthquakes, underground structures, tunnels, bridges, buildings etc. It is the best preventive measure as well as a safeguard option. Not just that but it also provides with high-end data relevant for studies and statistical operations. We as a sophisticated civilization giving extreme value to human life and property are in great need of such operands to prevent any undesirable harm caused to them.

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