NEFCO, incorporated case history


Courtesy of NEFCO, Inc.

In mid-2007, the wastewater treatment plant in Monclova Mexico was faced with a dilemma. The City had just upgraded their biological treatment scheme to increase flow through their plant by 35%, from approximately 11.5 mgd to15.5 mgd. They needed to add either a fourth secondary clarifier to keep within they discharge limits of 10 ppm TSS, or improve the operation of their three existing clarifiers. The first option was estimated to cost over $560,000 US Dollars so the addition of the NEFCO Stamford Baffle 2.0™ was investigated. This option would cost only $50,000, or less than one-tenth of the cost of adding a new clarifier. The owner decided to install the new proprietary 30 degree baffle on one of the clarifiers, and tests during the summer of 2009 showed a dramatic 78% reduction in TSS from the clarifier with the new SB 2.0™ baffle versus the tanks without baffles. The owner is now in the process of installing the SB 2.0™ on all three clarifiers and is saving over $500,000 while staying within their permitted discharge limits. NEFCO….we don’t make clarifiers, we just make them perform better!

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