Neosens™ on-line Fouling monitoring for Cooling Towers


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A New Approach to Fouling Control

Neosens offers innovative, cost effective sensor solutions for monitoring the presence of biofilm and scale in cooling towers, heat exchangers and other industrial process applications.

Fouling in cooling systems is a worldwide, multi-billion dollar problem, reducing energy efficiency, increasing maintenance costs and creating health risks due to Legionella.

The conventional approach to fouling control combines the “blind” application of biocides and anti-scale chemicals with periodic lab testing.  This often results in the excessive use of chemicals with the inherent side effects of accelerating system corrosion and increasing toxic waste- not to mention the incremental cost of unnecessary treatments.  Periodic lab testing is a valuable means to check for Legionella bacteria, but it is difficult to predict the optimum testing interval, and Legionella may form in between samples, making it harder to treat safely.

The Neosens approach is early, preventive, online monitoring of biofilm and scale.  Our sensors continuously monitor the thickness of fouling within the cooling system- enabling the optimization of chemical treatments, maintenance procedures and lab testing intervals.  Neosens customers benefit from reduced operating costs, less environmental impact and health risk, and extended life of their equipment.

3rd Party Integration

Neosens sensors can be easily integrated with cooling towers, heat exchangers, chemical controllers and other monitoring systems and hence are well suited to an OEM model.  


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