Neuthox improves the water quality by removing unwanted bacteria - Case Study


Courtesy of Danish Clean Water A/S

NEUTHOX removes biofilm in cooling tower and leaves the water system completely free of unwanted bacteria

Using an electrolysis process of saltwater the ECA generator produces the liquid NEUTHOX, which contains hypochlorous acid, and is highly efficient in eliminating bacteria.

A biofilm consists of living and dead organic and inorganic material collected on a surface, which in water systems typically occurs as a patch on a pipe surface. Biofilms contribute to increased bacterial levels, reduction of dissolved oxygen, taste and odour changes, corrosion, and reduced material life*. Biofilm has a slimy substance which forms a protective layer for the bacteria to live in. Eliminating bacteria in water installations can be a challenge since the biofilm has to be removed first.

NEUTHOX is highly effective in removing biofilm due to its active substance hypochlorous acid.

Kaanlar Diary in Turkey successfully eliminated unwanted bacteria in the water supply, exaggerated smell in cheese production, and removed biofilm from the cooling tower by adding NEUTHOX to the water supply.

Kaanlar Diary has been in the food industry for more than 35 years, processing 500 tons milk a day and producing white, yellow and traditional types of cheese, which is sold mainly in Turkey. Recently, the dairy producer was experiencing a high bacteria count in the water system, which turned out to be caused by biofilm in the pipes.

With counseling from Danish Clean Water's partner in Turkey, Kerim Akman of Linfacem, Kaanlar Dairy de-cided to establish a test installation of an ECA generator from DCW.

Prior to meeting Kerim, Kaanlar Dairy had tried to reduce the bacteria in the water systems by adding chlorine into the system. This, unfortunately, resulted in chlorine being absorbed into the milk, and thereby also transferred to the cheese. The chlorine also caused corrosion in the pipes and production equipment, and proved to be ineffective in removing the biofilm. A DCW T 25 generator was installed at Kaanlar Dairy and NEUTHOX was added to the water system, where the dosage rate was controlled by an ORP sensor. Within 24 hours the biofilm had separated from inside the pipes, the organic material in the pipes had been reduced after just a few days, and within 2 months the water system was completely clean. At a dosing rate of 1/1000, NEUTHOX is proved to remove biofilm over a certain period of time, reduce the bacteria count to below the required limits, and prevent biofilm from occurring again.

Kaanlar Dairy has extended the use of NEUTHOX to cleaning of the production equipment, which has reduced the time spend on the daily cleaning significantly. NEUTHOX is also used in Kaanlar Dairy’s ice water systems and cooling towers, where biofilm was prevalent.

How does it work?
The Electro Chemical Activation technology is a process where ordinary, naturally occurring salt and water pass across an electrochemical cell. Danish Clean Water generators use the ECA technology to produce the non-toxic, close to pH neutral, safe disinfectant - NEUTHOX, where hypochlorus acid is the active substance. Hypochlorus acid is highly effective in eliminating most infection causing bacteria such as Legionella, E.coli, Listeria and Salmonella. NEUTHOX is therefore powerful enough to eliminate dangerous bacteria in water systems, and on work surfaces.

Cost saving and eco-friendly
With an ECA generator from DCW it is possible to achieve substantial cost savings as an on-site production is often much cheaper than other alternatives. Our generators also allow some processes to be carried out at lower temperatures, and water to be recycled, which makes it possible to save both water, and energy. NEUTHOX is classed as non-toxic and biodegradable under the guidelines of the European Union.

Why should you choose the ECA generator?
There are plenty of good reasons to invest in an ECA generator, and many benefits to be gained. NEUTHOX is produced with a modest amount of salt, water, and electric power and is a non-toxic and eco-friendly product. NEUTHOX will terminate potentially dangerous bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella, and is a means to having peace of mind. You needn’t worry about bacteria infested water pipes, or handling harmful chemicals when improving the hygiene with our ECA generator.

Good reasons to invest in one of our ECA generators:

  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly product
  • Even at small doses NEUTHOX removes biofilm in water systems
  • NEUTHOX can be used for multiple purposes
  • Full automatic and user-friendly generator
  • Procurement and storage of hazardous chemicals will no longer be necessary
  • High quality components

Facts about NEUTHOX
NEUTHOX is a clear, biodegradable liquid, which is lethal to bacteria in water, such as Legionella and Salmonella.
Over a period of time NEUTHOX will remove the existing layer of biofilm, which is breeding ground for new bacteria, in the water system. When added to new water systems NEUTHOX will prevent biofilm from ever emerging.

Installation principle for DCW’s ECA generator
It is recommended that the dosage is flow proportional.

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