NEW BLOG ENTRY: Water Monitoring Goals


Courtesy of LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

The concept of biological filtration has become a common means to remove organics prior to disinfection to minimize formation of disinfection by-products. However, the tools available to assess biological growth tendencies in biological filters are limited. Heterotrophic Plate Counts and other culture-based methods take days to obtain results, only measure very small portions of the true microbial population, and struggle with the ability of quantifying cells attached to media.

Effective monitoring and control of biological filters can now be achieved through 2nd Generation ATP measurement technology from LuminUltra. Through optimized test protocols, a direct and quantitative measure of biological activity can be determined within 5 minutes of sample collection. In addition, unlike culture-based tests that only reveal microbes that grow in the media used and within the timeframe provided, no species of microorganism goes undetected.

Visit our lumicast blog to access the complete blog post and learn more about the benefits of 2nd Generation ATP testing in this specific applicaiton. 

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