New Chinese airport designed with built-in bird control case study


Courtesy of Bird-X Inc.

The problem:
The Kunming Changshui International Airport, located in southwest China, had the potential for serious pest bird problems. Set on a high plateau in the rural mountainous region, a flurry of bird activity plagued the area. It is estimated that other nearby airports were spending nearly a half million dollars per year on pyrotechnic scare devices to remove birds from airfields.

As the Kunming airport planning team began designs for the new airport, they decided to do something innovative – they included a built-in comprehensive bird control system.

The products and solution:
The New Kunming Airport facility managers began working with the Yunnan Sunking Trading Company, and discussing which Bird-X products would be the best fit for this unique situation. The final bird control program for the New Kunming Airport included seventy-one BroadBand PRO units and four Mega Blaster PROs.

The BroadBand PRO is a four-speaker bird control device that uses a combination of sonic and ultrasonic sounds to repel pest birds for up to six acres.

The Mega Blaster PRO is a powerful sonic bird control device that broadcasts bird distress calls to create a “danger zone” that frightens pest birds and conditions them to avoid the area for good. It consists of a 20-speaker tower with two high-output amplifiers to repel birds up to 30 acres (12 hectares).

Installation of the built-in bird control system took eighty workers forty-five days to complete.

The result:
Since the new airport opened in June of 2012, there have been zero bird interferences. Mr. Dong Wu of the Yunnan Sunking Trading Co. states, “It is quite obvious that the program has worked. Birds on the property are significantly reduced.”

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