New DESMI Smart Boom - Superior Monitoring Boom Technology


Courtesy of DESMI A/S

The system combines proven DESMI oil spill containment boom with the Boom Guard Monitoring Buoy, an oil pollution monitoring device used to monitor for the presence of oil pollution within the boom containment area. If oil pollution is detected, the buoy transmits an alert via Iridium satellite in real time. The buoy also monitors location and heading and should the SMART BOOM drift, the buoy reports its current location and heading, transmits an alert, and continues to transmit hourly allowing users to locate and recover the boom and buoy. The buoy also transmits a daily report notifying users of the status of all on-board sensors.

Advantages of SMART BOOM:

  • Remote oil spill monitoring & alerts
  • Boom integrity monitoring & alerts
  • 24/7/365 awareness in all conditions
  • Reduces need for boats, aircraft and personnel to monitor booms
  • For use offshore, near-shore, terminals, inland waterways

- anywhere there’s value in remote real-time monitoring

More information in the new E-leaflet

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