New DWI guidelines for UV drinking water disinfection


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atg UV, has seen increasing interest in the application of UV systems for the treatment of drinking water applications since the UK Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) released their ‘Guidance on the use of Ultraviolet (UV) Irradiation for the Disinfection of Public Water Supplies' February 2010.

With systems treating in excess of 2000 m3/hr daily, Ultraviolet disinfection is no longer an ‘emerging' technology.  A number of Water Treatment Works across the UK are now investing heavily in Ultraviolet technology, as the threat of chlorine resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia continues to pose a serious risk to water companies and their customers.

Cryptosporidium outbreaks are now becoming  increasingly frequent in all areas of the water industry.  However, due to recent successes with UV systems following a number of high profile outbreaks at drinking water sites worldwide, the ability to effectively protect against Cryptosporidium is now becoming a reality for water treatment engineers worldwide.

In the UK, this reality has become further endorsed by the DWI, who have issued their guidelines for UV operation and system selection to the UK water industry.  A key feature of their guidance is UV system validation.  Validation refers to a series of 3rd party testing to ensure the performance of an Ultraviolet system design under a range of operating environments.

As an industry leader with considerable experience in supplying US EPA Validated UV systems for Cryptosporidium protection, atg UV Technology are well placed to support and advise all drinking water companies on the application of the DWI guidelines including validation, log reduction, RED Dose, installation into existing infrastructures, upgrades and retrofits, ongoing industry regulation and future product development.

atg UV have designed and developed a large range of UV systems specifically for municipal drinking water and waste water applications that are fully compliant with the requirements of the DWI 2010 guidelines. 

atg UV's product range offers fully validated  and 3rd party tested US EPA UVDGM systems that deliver a 1 - 5 log reduction of Cryptosporidium for flows as small as 10 m3/hr to over 2000 M3/hr within a single high output, small footprint, medium or low pressure system.  For larger flows, systems are offered as packages, utilising units placed in either series or parallel configurations.

atg UV believe the industry leap forward to UV protection has been driven equally by both public demand for increased safety and risk management, and increased education and understanding by the water industry on the benefits of installing a UV system.  Additionally, atg UV have been asked to present to a number of drinking water companies throughout the UK.  This is a free service offered by atg UV and is open to any municipal water company or contractor interested in learning more about UV disinfection technology.

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