New engines: Time to clear the air

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In response to new federal emission standards that went into effect Jan. 1, 2010 in the U.S. and Canada, engine manufacturers selected one of two choices to achieve a reduction in emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx). They either provide an in-cylinder approach through increased exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) only, or an engine aftertreatment approach using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, in combination with exhaust gas recirculation.

The choices in engine technology available to truck and private fleet operators have never been so different and making the right choice has never been so important for companies to control their fleet operating costs, get more mileage out of the engines and gain a competitive edge.

Full-Service Leasing
Makes Choice Easier
New engine emission control standards offer one reason why companies should consider full-service leasing from a company that understands the 2010 EPA-compliant engines. One that has a strong relationship with engine manufacturers and close ties to truck manufacturers can help companies make informed choices about trucks with 2010 engines.

Leasing can help take the guesswork out of specifying and servicing 2010 engines. Plus, the leasing company can handle any warranty issues and take over any risk associated with truck resale values.

Either Way, Expect a Price Increase
Regardless of which engine operators choose, they will see a price increase in the engine. By leasing their trucks, companies can spread that cost over time. Over a typical six and a half year lease term, a $9,000 price increase for the engine will raise the monthly lease payment by about $120.

By choosing the right 2010 engine emissions reduction technology, companies can realize some reductions in operating expenses over the life of the truck. Namely, the 2010 engine in a Class 8 truck using SCR technology can offer a net 3 to 5 percent improvement in fuel economy when compared to 2007 engines.

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