New environmental management technology meets demanding needs of E&P clients

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Courtesy of VisionMonitor Software, LLC

Exploration & Production companies are constantly pushing the envelope in terms of performance, because increased performance has a direct translation into increased revenue. E&P companies are under tremendous pressure to produce, both to meet growing demand as well as to take advantage of market prices. At the same time companies are also under increasing pressure to meet the environmental compliance requirements of their permits and increasing regulations (see Figure1), to the point that it can sometimes be more difficult to get approval for a permit renewal than it is to get permission for a new permit. The problem that many E&P companies face is that they are trying to manage today’s increasing operational and environmental complexities with yesterday’s older technology. Today’s second generation of Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS), known as Environmental Risk Management Systems (ERMS) are helping to change all of that, by enabling E&P companies to both improve operational efficiency as well as improving environmental compliance in a way that will not only make E&P companies greener, but that will give them a competitive edge in the market.

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