New Era of POS machines –With the Integration of Multiple Technologies

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Integration of multiple technologies bring a new era for the POS machines Due to the use of the PC structures, POS system is called an extension of the application of the PC, but compared with the industrial computer and home or business with the DT / NB or factory-made program used, on the demand side, the client application and the operating environment, the differences vary. Because of it’s usage mainly for the retail, catering, supermarkets, chain stores and other services, POS machines don’t require the latest technology or components, rapid updates as fast as home computers, so, long POS product life cycle, product demand and reliable, durable, and easy to upgrade or expand the elastic. Using IPC design           touch screen pos terminal POS's general operating temperature range with PC temperature range wider than the family business, but without the degree of the IPC as high temperature, home PC often do not consider dust, water features, POS need to consider dust and water into the design considerations, but more than high-grade IPC. POS system similar to the PC system, therefore, whether the system evolution or technological development, are closely linked with the PC development. As can be seen from the evolution of POS response to business needs and make improvements, also known POS core architecture and technological evolution.


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