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New Field Test for Lead (Pb2+) in Soil


Field tests for the detection of lead in soil are not frequently accepted, since the tests are rather cumbersome or not reliable for screening determinations. Recently, we developed the LEADQuick field test kit for the detection of lead in water with 3 g/L sensitivity. This test is further modifiedto detect lead in soil with a sensitivity 0.03 g. We developed an extraction protocol using nitricacid and potassium nitrate for the extraction of lead from soil. Most of the organic and inorganiccompounds of lead are readily extracted as Pb2+ using the developed extraction procedure andare detected using the LEADQuick field test kit. The solubility of the lead salts in the soil isadequate for a quick extraction procedure without any heating. The experimental details, resultsof the soil testing and interferences are presented. This will demonstrate the potential applicationof our extraction procedure along with LEADQuick field test kit for soil lead monitoring.

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