New gas calibration method eases TOC analysis


Courtesy of LAR Process Analysers AG

LAR Process Analysers AG of Berlin,  Germany expanded the range of feaiures of its measuring device QuickTOC, which facilitates the monitoring of ultra pure and cooling water, boiler feed and condensate measurement, and industrial wastewaters.

For many years, the Berlin company lias been developing, high quality measuring devices and processes for the TOC analysis of condensates and boiler feed. 1AR online analyzers arc primarily used in industrial power plants and in production processes of the chemical and paper industries.

Since 2002, the German giani Henkel, a manufacturer of laundry, home care, cosmetics, and adhe-sives with approximately 55,000 employees, has used the online analyzer QuickTOC for nontax ing condensate return, condensate, ddonized water, and steam in its large-scale industrial operations. Condensate return is process water that was used for cooling, which in water treatment, is recycled and purified into deionized water. The analyzers help in significantly reducing consumption of water, energy, and chemicals - leading to a reduction m production costs - explains Henkel's investigation and testing of the online analyzers' use in wastewaier monitoring.

According to Ralf Schumacher of Henkel in the production area of VST/water, 'The QuickTOC product enables us to use resources such as water and energy more efficiently. The return of the condensate permits us to recycle heat energy In addition, the repeated recycling of water enables us to save process water - which also leads to a significant reduction of the chemicals that are required for the production of deionized water.'

In doing so, Henkel benefits from the analyzers' simple operation, from ihetr high degree of reliability, and from the reduction of precious resources like energy and water.

Furthermore, the consumption of chemicals for the production of deionized water can be reduced.

The new gas calibration developed by LAR Process Analysers AG has funher improved the performance of its online analyzers by its ability to guarantee calibration within the lowest measuring ranges. For example, the calibration and validation of the TOC analysis usually constitutes a special challenge for the operator in low measuring ranges (0-2,000 ug/1). Using the newly developed gas callbculctL, the company simplified this procedure. 'The QuickTOC condensate can eliminate the previous usual contamination risk for the calibration solution, since the gas calibration is consistent even in the lowest measuring ranges,' stated Dr.-lng. Dr. Wolfgang Genthe, who was in charge of developing the new measuring technique.

The gas calibration method is based on the catalyst-free LAR high temperature combustion method (1200°C). ensuring the complete decomposition of all orgaruc com¬pounds. Dr. Gemhe explained the functional principle of the method: 'As gas, the produced carbon dioxide can be measured accurately now, and it is therefore the key to our gas calibration, a patent-pend¬ing method from LAR.'

The QuickTOCcondensate oper¬ates with a closed valve assembly that avoids sample contamination by ambient air during the sample injection. Because of the special batch process control, large sample volumes can be taken in and analyzed. Using only inert materi¬als, the new method guarantees accurate and offset-free, results within the lowest measurement ranges, according lo the company.
The new measurement system QuickTOCcondensate reduces the maintenance effort lor TOC analyses to only a lew minutes per week - in contrast to customary measuring techniques. The system significantly reduces reagent consumption. In partial-IK TC mode does not require any reagents.

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