New Greenhouse Gas Standards


The D.C. District Court recently upheld the decision allowing EPA to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. This white paper provides you background on the decision, what it means for you, and how to keep your plant compliant.

Catalytic Products International will continue to stay abreast of these sweeping changes and we’ll continue to keep you informed.

As EPA gears up to begin regulation of greenhouse gas, Catalytic Products International is ready to help you navigate through the new rules as quickly, painless and profitably as possible. We have been helping industries optimize energy use since 1967. Our engineers have the skills and experience to design systems that squeeze every last drop of energy out a wide variety of processes. Our custom-designed, durable, high-efficiency heat-exchangers set the standard for heat recovery. And, our broad, flexible line of thermal and catalytic oxidizers ensures the right control solution can be found, when control is needed.

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