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New Guide on Sugar Determination in Food


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Sugar is among the most important topics within the food industry. Initially a rare and high-priced product, the former white gold has become an excessively used commodity. Nowadays the industry trend is towards a reduction of sugar content of food, in order to reduce the negative health effects of high sugar consumption.

METTLER TOLEDO has recently launched the 'Ultimate Sugar Guide' to provide comprehensive information about sugar content determination and moisture in sugar.

The guide starts with a short review on the history of sugar and then presents and discusses different methods for sugar content determination. The most common method for determining sugar content is by refractometry or Brix based on density. A selection of applications are presented and reviewed and the results of the measurements are presented. Another topic is the titration of reducing sugars, as well as the determination of moisture and water content in sugar. Production process control in sugar refineries is presented as a conclusion of the topic. The guide also provides tips and tricks to enhance measurement methods for the interested user.

The guide is a comprehensive source of information about sugar in food and can be downloaded for free at:

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