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New guidelines by ECHA for downstream users and about safety data sheets


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Purpose of the documents

Those documents “in a nutshell” explain in a simple way the main elements contained in the full guidelines and they are aimed at the industrial managers, including managers of small and medium-size companies.

Those synthetic documents, which provide instructions in short, cannot include all the details; if there is any doubt, we advise you to consult the full guidelines.

What are the characteristics of the new guidelines?

The new guideline for downstream users aims to explain the obligations for downstream users according to REACH, in a simple and synthetic way. It explains, briefly, how to identify the roles of the downstream user, it shows the different possible situations to be faced and it indicates the requirements to be met.

On the other hand, the guideline on the Safety Data Sheets describes the principles and the requirements regarding the communication of information about mixtures. The new guideline on the compilation of the Safety Data Sheets also provides an overview of the obligations related to the SDS, as required by Article 31 and by Annex II of the REACH regulation. The document describes, in simple terms, the principles to be applied in the compilation of SDS and the requirements that the suppliers of substances and mixtures must meet when they provide the SDS to their customers.

For more information, see the ECHA website at the following links:

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